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Life as a solo performer

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Sean Gill is an American Fingerstyle guitar player from Wisconsin

If there is one thing you must know about Sean Gill it’s that his thirst for the intricacies of music is never ending. Yet it’s the simplicity of his music that brings the listener in. Armed with only an acoustic guitar, Sean is able to bring every aspect out of the instrument from the percussive way he hammers the string to provide the beat to the elegant phrasing of his melodies. One of Sean’s passions is traveling and you feel every footstep, every mile crossed in the matter of minutes throughout his albums. It truly is the perfect music with which to relax and enjoy the ride.

His musical passion began as most teenage boys do, falling in love with the guitar licks of Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmsteen. In the pursuit of his passion, Sean found himself studying Jazz and Classical Guitar under the likes of jazz guitarist Don Linke, classical guitarist Raymond Mueller, and composer John Downey at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee.

His time at UWM cultivated the amazing guitar stylings Sean uses today. Sean has released four instrumental guitar albums with a fifth on the way in 2014. Each album displays the mastery of American Fingerstyle. His love of the road gives each album the touch required to transform the listener on his journey through America.

Sean has lived in Wisconsin, Colorado, and currently lives in Springfield, Oregon. Still restless he always looks forward to being able to hit the road for new sights and old friends.

Physical CDs available at Bandcamp

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